Project Vision: Delve

This project is inspired by the board game Descent, Journeys in the Dark. Like all the projects I plan on making tutorials for, it will be a desktop game. The game will contain most of the same gameplay elements with a few changes to the formula. The reason I’m starting with using an existing game is because I find it’s easier to implement something that has already been thought through, with defined rules, than coming up with something completely original (though I do plan on doing stuff like that in the future).

I plan on implementing this with the Godot game engine. I don’t have very much experience with it yet, but it appeals to me from the stuff I have tried out. Unity would be my second choice due to my familiarity with it and my preference of C# over GScript, but I don’t anticipate needing all of the extra functionality Unity provides, and Godot has a much smaller overhead.

End Goal

Playable quests with an optional overlord (either AI or Human-controlled)
Stretch goal: playable over the internet; a full playable campaign


  1. Grid layout
  2. Unit movement
    • Introduce obstacle tiles, water tiles, and impassable edges
    • Edit #1: Introduce lava and pit tiles too
  3. Unit stats
    • Speed, health, defense, and physical size
    • Unit types (Edit #3: this section fits better under Unit stats)
      • Hero, Monster, MonsterLeader
      • Monster group concept
      • Add stamina and attribute stats for Hero and MonsterLeader
  4. Define actions
    • Movement (add stamina)
    • Attack (only base concept: attack – block = damage)
    • Skills & Specials (only definition)
    • Rest
    • Stand up
    • Interact (general term for doing something on an adjacent space)
      • Revive unit
      • Investigate
      • Open/close doors
  5. Line of Sight (Edit #2: Cover later in the process)
  6. Turn system
    • Introduce action point limit and other restrictions
    • Hero turn and Monster turn
  7. Skills (Edit #4: Covering before Event System)
    • Single-use and multi-use skills
    • Skill cost
  8. Battle Scene (Edit #5: Creating this section)
    • Create a way to simulate attack and defense rolls
    • Streamline the system to make it reusable for multiple configurations of attack/defense
  9. Event system
    • Quest objectives
    • Interruptions concept
  10. Equipment and unit inventory
    • Revisit attack action
      • Surge points
    • Equip requirements and stats
      • Unique attack wheels
    • Inventory size
  11. Define Godot Resources
    • Create items, skills, equipment
  12. Tie it all together
    • Create a simple demo map with basic objectives

It’s likely that I have missed some steps while thinking through this breakdown list and will need to revisit and revise it as time goes on. If and when I do, I’ll mark these revisions with “Edit #” so that both future readers and future me can see what edits I made and in what order they happened, just for reference.

Let’s get started!

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