Project Delve Part 4: Define Actions

This part will likely be broken up into a few posts, since there's a lot to cover here. We'll also be revisiting the code we write during this part fairly often in the future as we continue to expand the game functionality. Setting Up The Interface The actions we'll be defining in this post are... Continue Reading →

Project Delve Part 3: Unit Stats

Now that we have some pathfinding down, the next order of business is to limit movement even more. (Aren't rules the best?!) Except in rare instances, we want our characters to be constrained by the number of tiles they're allowed to move on their turn. Right now units have an infinite movement range (so long... Continue Reading →

Project Delve Part 2: Unit Movement

Free Movement Today things start to get more exciting -- instead of seeing just a static screen with no stimulating action, now we're going to add movement! (I imagine you are all gasping in awe.) So because I'm a visual guy and like to get something good looking that I can see out there quickly,... Continue Reading →

Project Delve Part 1: Grid Layout

The first thing we'll do in creating a new project is to, well, create a new project. In the Godot editor select "New Project" and save it to wherever you like. Note, these posts aren't aimed at covering Godot features, though I will try to explain them when I use them. Near the beginning of... Continue Reading →

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